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Should You Refinance Your Mortgage?

by admin on March 12, 2015

As the Canadian mortgage rates continue to lower with the Bank of Canada announcing an interest rate of 0.75% (Jan. 21) and Prime lending rates at 2.85% (Feb.), should homeowners take advantage of this opportunity to refinance their home? Refinancing can be done with several different objectives, such as getting a lower interest rate, shortening the term, switching between variable-rate and fixed-rate mortgages, tapping equity, or consolidating debt. No matter the reason, when refinancing a mortgage, the main question to consider is: “Will I save money?”

If you currently have a variable-rate mortgage and you would like to refinance to get a lower rate, it may not necessary as your rate will decrease along with the prime. Whereas, with a fixed-rate mortgage, in a falling interest rate environment, it could be strategic to either refinance to get a lower rate or to convert to a variable-rate mortgage.

Another common reason to refinance is to consolidate debt from high-interest debt into a mortgage with a lower interest rate. This can be a smart financial decision to increase monthly cash flow if homeowners are able to refrain from continuously spending on credit.

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Written by Christy Lee

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