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Commercial Financing


Commercial financing is one of the most misunderstood types of financing.  Rates, conditions, costs and fees are generally much different for commercial mortgages. Residential rates and conditions will apply only to rental properties with up to four residential units. Anything beyond that is considered commercial. The other types of commercial mortgages would involve store and apartments, any five unit apartment rentals or more, stand alone commercial buildings, commercial/industrial condos, industrial buildings or anything with a commercial component or commercial zoning designation.

Under the banner of Commercial is “Construction Financing” which includes; building, renovating or repairing properties. Small business loans are also available in this category.

Rates, fees, appraisals and timelines are all affected when doing commercial financing. Conditions will be different and may require various documents depending the type of commercial property being mortgaged, some being financial statements, environmental reports and structural reports.

Our expertise in this field will guide you in making an educated decision and give you the confidence that your mortgage is being professionally handled.