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Small Business Loans (SBL)

Have you always wanted to start your own business but don’t have all the capital needed to proceed? A small business loan gives you a government-backed, guaranteed loan. This small business loan is subject to various conditions that a Maple Leaf Mortgages expert would be able to explain to you in detail.

Small business loans can be arranged for up to $250,000.  They are available for certain “turn key” franchises and they must be on the bank’s list of approved franchises.  There are many conditions required to obtain an approval.  Some include business plans and costs for equipment and office furniture.  Inventory is not acceptable for small business loan purposes.  There are fees and costs associated with Maple Leaf Mortgages proceeding with a small business loan (ask one of our mortgage agents for details).  We have years of experience with these types of loans and have aided many successful business holders as a result of this program.